the two queers 


Jenna Suffern is a comedian, producer and writer. She has an engaging presence and a flair for performance, bringing an off the cuff and kooky approach to comedy. Jenna is a known face in the Sydney comedy scene, and has a passion for producing events for the queer community. Among her many other spinning plates, she is the co-founder and host of Two Queers Walk Into A Bar comedy night, the producer of Queer Table Reads, producer for the theatre collective The General Public, and is a regular contributor to Pedestrian.TV. Despite all of this, her biggest achievement was once being introduced as a "prominent Sydney lesbian".


Brendan Hancock is a Sydney based comedian and producer. You've heard him on FBi radio, hosting Two Queers Walk Into a Bar and performing to sold-out shows during the Sydney Comedy Festival. He's co-produced events for The Two Queers Festival with Giant Dwarf Theatre, Bloom Festival's underground comedy night with Darlinghurst Theatre and is currently producing an audio based comedic walking tour of Sydney with FBi radio as part of the inaugural Inside Jokes cohort.